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KiranPrabha is the Founder and Editor of well known web magazine KOUMUDI ( He is also Editor for AMERICA BHARATHI. He is well known for his unique poetic style "Photo Poetry" for more than 25 years. He is very active in cultural and literary activities in California, USA. He is presenting KOUMUDI Audio magazine on every Saturday ( 9.00AM US PST, 12.00 PM US EST) on TORI( and Vennela on Every Tuesday (7.00PM US PST, 10.00PM US EST) on Virijallu( Radios..

Nostalgic movie talks.

This feature of the mobile app gives access to the Radio Talk shows presented by KiranPrabha ( Chief Editor, KOUMUDI Web Magazine: All these talk shows were broadcast on several radio stations

Kiran prabha

Kiran prabha

Unique Web Monthly 'KOUMUDI'

KOUMUDI is a Telugu Literary Web Monthly. Carries more than 350 pages each month. Stories, serials, poems, features, special articles and many more..! Total more than 50 articles every month!!

Access some of the poems from Koumudi magazine on your smart phone.

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Kiran prabha