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Readers Comments

Gollapudi garu, 
I have been reading your articles in Koumudi from last 3 months. Now I wait for your next article eagerly. The nice thing about your articles is, they are not related to just one topic and we can clearly feel your appreciation(in artciles about Vishwanathan Anand and Sachin tendulkar) and agony in your recent articles. They make us feel the same too.
I would say the best one is the one on Vishwanathan Anand. The last sentence..."naa kodukulu manavallu naa samakshamloo naa dhaggare vunnaru..aa okka kaaranaaniki Anand kanna naa vijayam chaala goppadhi"...I can't tell you how much it changed my thought process....Its not just as a father but as a writer too you achieved it.  
I will keeep looking for more inspirational articles from you.
Jyothsna Palwai.
Poojyulaina Maruthi Rao gariki, 
I've read your article.. and very well said. Thank you again for voicing our feelings in this article. I'm a great fan of yours and I eagerly await every week, for your articles. 
I saw this unbelievable tragedy live on CNN....and at the end of this unforgettable saga of sorrow and pain, I thought the unsung heroes were the commandos who saved the remaining lives. Shame on those Politicians who couldn't even give a whole-hearted tribute to these heroes. 
I'm equally proud to see the way people responded back, irrespective of their religion and regions.  
I really wish that this mourning would not stop and would form into a silent revolution of our politics. 
Thank you.
hi sir,
  i hope im talking to Mr.Gollapudi sir. sir i just read ur article chaala baga raasaru sir..i just dont have words to express. i hope atleast a single politician changes his way after reading ur article. .--
Emandi Teja Swetha
Gollapudi gariki namaskaraalu
Sir, mee article chaala baavundi.
Oka saamanya bharateeyuni spandana adi.
Entha mandi spandinchinaa maarpu jaragaka povachhu.
Meeru cheppinattu  malli aa bhagavantudu avataaramettali.
Ane aasinchaali..........
kishore vadali
   I have read your article entitled 'PrajaVyatirekata-Oka Tsunami', and was very impressed. I feel that the people who elect such unfaithful leaders or the praja-pratinidhulu should have the same power to punish them as the responsible mother punishes her own children if they are not growing with proper value system. As it was stated in some movie, politics is the only place where the aspirants do not have to pass any qualifying exams like in any other field. Any rogue can enter into politics whereas it is not the same case with the  other services. Actually the people who show readiness to enter into politics, in the name of serving the people, should have the maturity, knowledge, experience, efficiency and finally the most important of all,  the commitment. Mere words and false promises sould not qualify them for rulers.  And also people must use their franchise to sack these leaders on account of their inefficiency, bad conduct or lack of commitment. Then only we can dream for a better society free of such terrorist attacks both within and also from outside the country.
Thank you.
Sri Gollapudi Srinivas Rao gariki,
You have analyzed very well about our social security in India now from your article published in "Kaumudi" , 
As you said we need a significant facelift in people with social revolution from all nuke and corners of our country. I wish more articles will come from your PEN to ignite responsible people for our country.
I am one of the regular reader's, I wish you all the best for  good articles in forthcoming issues of KUMUDI.
Thank you.
Ravi kumar.
కౌముధి  లో  వారం "ప్రజా వ్యతిరేకత" గురించి కాలమ్ చాలా బాగా ఉంది. ఆకట్టుకుంది.
మీరు జీవన కాలమ్ లో మీ "వాసు" గురించి వ్రాసిన కాలమ్ ఇంకా నాకు గుర్తు ఉంది. ఉన్ని కృష్ణన్ తండ్రి ఆవేదన మీ కన్నా బాగా ఎవరు అర్థం చేసుకోలేరు.
రాజకీయలకి ఇది అర్థం కాదు.
నాకు ఒక కోరిక ఉంది. ఆది తీరుతుందో లేదో తెలీదు. కానీ మీ జీవన కాలమ్ లోని కొన్ని కాలమ్స్  మీ వాయ్స్ తో వినాలని ఉంది.
సాధ్య పడుతుందో లేదో తెలీదు. కానీ చిన్ని ఆశ.

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