v  Indian Equities proven the best wealth creators.

  v  India the second fastest growing Economy.

  v  Economy driven by savings & domestic consumption.

  v  Less dependent on Exports & Favourable  demographics.

  v  India to emerge as the 5th largest economy by 2020.

  v  Facility to invest in Mutual Funds in India.

                      ADVANTAGE TAX -        INDIAN EQUITY:

  v  Dividend Income from Equity & Mutual Funds -                                                 Fully exempt from Tax.

  v  Capital Gain on Investments in Equity & Mutual Funds

  Long Term (Holding period One year & above) --       Fully exempt NO TAX LIABILITY.

  Short Term (Holding period less than One year)      15% on Gains.

                      Welcome to R. L. P.,    for the healthy growth of your wealth through -      INDIAN EQUITY:

   v  R. L. P. Securities Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India - Corporate Member,    

       National Stock Exchange of India Ltd.,                       MCX Stock Exchange Ltd.

       Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd.                                      Depository Participant- CDSL

       Distributors of Various Mutual Funds in India.

   v  R. L. P. Commodity & Derivatives Pvt. Ltd., Corporate Member - NCDEX & MCX. 

   v  Proven track record of 2 decades in guiding and extending the services for making Investments in India.

 Speciality R.L.P -    24/7 SERVICE IS OUR MOTO.


  EQUITIES                                                                     EQUITY DERIVATIVES

  DEPOSITORY SERVICES                                          COMMODITY DERIVATIVES

  CURRENCY DERIVATIVES                                      MUTUAL FUNDS

  FIXED DEPOSITS                                                        REALITY PMS FUNDS

  CORPORATE BONDS                                                               I P OS


  Assisting in Opening of BANK A/c [NRE-PIS, NRE, NRO] with or without repatriation procedures including obtaining RBI permission.

 v  Advisory services in diversified Equity through Mutual Fund Window

-          Which has given affective yield of around 18 % CAGR ----- investment period   5 to 10 years.

  v  Guidance in Systematic Investment Plan:  Pain Free strategy for wealth Creation through Mutual Funds.



 RLP Securities
For the Healthy Growth of your Wealth

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